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A Tale of a Great Love

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Many years ago, in a distant county , a count and a count ess lived
happily. The affection and respect for each other were limitless.
The two in love spent their days in joy and understanding. When
the count travelled on business, the countess accompanied him.
One day, the count became aware of a good news: his beloved
expected a child. His happiness was infinite, but he realised that
the counte ss couldn‘t accompany him on the trips anymore. He
wondered how to proceed in order to share the moments with
his beloved during the time away from home.
An idea dawned upon him and he immediately visited the best
wood-carver in the county . The artisan was surprised and
flattered by the high- level visit.
„Good afternoon, Your Grace! To what do I owe the honour?“
„God bless you, my dear master! I come to you with a request.
The first child of the Countess and me is going to be born very
soon. When I‘m away from home , I ‚d like one presence to make
her happy. You‘ll make a table that must be exquisite and easily
moved around . In cold weather, it‘ll be near the fireplace. W hen
the sun warms the earth, the table could be moved to the veranda
or in the garden so that my beloved – while taking her coffee
breaks – can enjoy the bird songs and the scent of the blooming

roses. To have the table covered with ornaments of precious
stones, my aide will provide a treasure chest.“
The artisan followed carefully the instructions of His Grace and
wisely commented.
„Your Grace, there‘s no need for precious stones to indicate true
love. Petty things are needed. I‘ll stick to your wish. The table
will be exquisite and easily moved around , but its beauty and
the message it‘ll deliver will depend on two short sentences and
a few symbols. I beg you to put your trust in me. If what I‘ll make
will not correspond to your expectations, I‘ll cover the table with
precious stones.“
The count accepted the advice of the wise artisan.
„So be it! Put your skills into what you think would be the best
present for the lady of my heart!“
„I‘ll get to it, Your Grace. Till tomorrow evening, the table will
be ready.“
The next day at dusk, the count revisited the artisan. The table
was ready and corresponded exactly to what the count wanted
for his beloved; it was indeed exquisite, easily moved around,
and… „talking“. There were two short sentences on it: „La table
de l‘amour. Je t‘aime.“ ( “The table of Love. I love you.“ ) Three
symbols were carved close to them: a loving heart, a rose, and
two pigeons in love exchanging sparks .
The count was amazed. He grasped cordially the artisan‘s hand
and said, „ What you‘ve created is more valuable than all precious
stones in my possession!“

The talented artisan was generously rewarded.
It was very soon after the artisan delivered on his promise when
the child of the count and the countess arrived – a beautiful girl.
Looking after the little being transformed their notion of time.
The moment came, however, when the count had to proceed
with his trips. One morning, before leaving with his entourage,
the count left the exquisite table in the salon, next to the burning
fireplace. There, at sunrise, Her Grace usually sipped her coffee.
That morning, it was cold. The cosiness of the fireplace attracted
the countess. Getting closer to it, she could notice something.
Curious to know what it was, she got even closer. What an exquisite
table! She could hardly hold her breath. Her fingertips touched
the carvings. The two messages of her beloved established the
feeling that she was the happiest woman in love.
The impatience to be together again was building with each
passing day. The „talking“ table helped the countess overcome
the time of being apart from each other. The days went by and
the count returned home. The joy of the shared moments was
The life of the two in love and their child was filled with happiness.
B eing occasionally apart from each other was inevitable , but
the „talking“ table turned the moments into instants. Love and
understanding prevailed till the end of their days.

Vanya Argyriou

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